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 Lead is an acronym for :







 The Local Leadership Development Program is a volunteer mentoring    program created to help build a stronger, unified and more informed      workforce through face to face communication. 


 Each month a topic of discussion will be selected by Local Leadership  and also by suggestions from the membership. Each Mentor will reach  out to at least 10 co-workers and provide them with information on  various topics that affect our everyday lives within our work  environment and outside of the workplace as well. 


 Information is a powerful tool and communicating that information is  what LEAD is all about. It's about making connections, getting to know  your co-workers and taking an active role in educating co-workers on    important work/life issues. Mentoring creates meaningful connections  and can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. 


 To become a mentor is very easy! Simply sign up, select 10 people you  would like to mentor, receive information at least once a month and  then pass it on to others. This is precisely how the Union movement  began generations ago and it is critical that we bring openness,  transparency and communication back to our union. 


 To get involved in the Mentoring Program or for questions regarding  this program please call

xxx xxxx at 1-313-555-5555 or email xxx xxxx here:      coming@ soon.com